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Coaching is an alliance between the coach and his client in a process that encourages reflection and creativity in order to explore issues that matter and need to be resolved, or to unleash personal and professional potential in view of achieving sustainable objectives.

More concretely, coaching offers a space for the client to ask questions, test ideas, define solutions, strategies and actions that serve him and allow him to develop professionally and personally, in line with his needs, aspirations, values and identity. It also enables to change thought patterns, beliefs and/or work on limiting behaviors that do not or no longer his interests.

In an efficient coaching relationship, the client is encouraged to be the creator and actor of the changes he wants to make in his life. The coach acts as an agent of change and accompanies the client throughout this process. The coach offers a neutral, external and benevolent view of the client's situation. 
Beyond active listening and the use of striking questions representing the basis of any coaching conversation, various tools and methodologies can be proposed to the client according to his needs, in order to facilitate self-discovery and self-learning as well as development.
Because coaching focuses so deeply on the client for his forward-looking benefits, it enables the achievement of measurable results through a transformational experience, which we call "change".

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