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Team Coaching

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Career Growth

I coach companies and individuals globally in 3 main areas:

1. Leadership development (e.g., defining your leadership style, preparing leadership transitions, developing team leader skills), to increase your level of self-awareness as a leader, adopt behaviors that produce more positive, impactful, and reputation-building results.

2. Career growth (e.g., getting promoted, succeeding in a new role, career change) to achieve professional goals, manage daily challenges and/or prepare you for the next step.

3. Team coaching, to generate more collaboration and collective performance in the context of setting up a new team, integrating new members, team dysfunction or difficult projects.


 Topics coached:

  • Defining your leadership style

  • Preparing for successful leadership transitions (coaching the CEO/ leadership team and below to support the internal promotion process, developing team autonomy, increasing the level of collaboration within the leadership team and across functions, adopting a better allocation of your time as a leader)

  • Developing your team leader skills

  • Managing difficult stakeholders (e.g., low performers)

  • Onboarding ("creating impact in the first 100 days")

  • Career development (e.g., getting promoted; succeeding in your new role)

  • Improving communication skills (e.g., using emotional intelligence)

  • Strategic planning

  • Change management

  • Career strategy and transition (e.g., integrating a new sector, a new organization or a new team, career reorientation)

  • Career relocation (e.g., expatriation/ repatriation)

  • Managing in a foreign culture

  • Creating collaboration and team performance (e.g., teamwork, conveying corporate identity and values)

  • Coaching of project teams (e.g., complex and fast-paced projects)

  • Work-life balance

  • Reducing stress and anxiety, preventing burn-out

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Aurelie Prigent

Certified Professional Coach

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